Final update: In which I wrap things up and hint at a surprise tale coming up

Status: Draft 1 complete! (now on to editing)

Well this week did finish the book. It tops out at a meager 50,400 or so words. A bit less than any of the others, but a story ends when it’s ready to, so I’m ok with the shorter length.

And contrary to what I originally planned, I didn’t quite wrap up as much of the story for as many of the characters as I thought I would. Oh, well. I think the story took off on its own path, as I chronicled in this little weekly discussion. And that path is a better one than I had plotted out when I started fourteen weeks ago.

But you the reader will be the real judge of whether it worked or not, depending on your reactions to the story.

And I am taking a short break before starting the next four novels by writing a short story tied in with the Empty World. Hint: Christy and Trevor find something left by her grandmother that may have come from the Empty World and it causes them an interesting couple of days around Christmas time. Picture Jumanji meets Master Chef.

I’ve had fun and I hope you’ll read The Lost Portal when it comes out.

David K. Anderson

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