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by David K. Anderson

They said her grandfather was dead. They said her grandmother was crazy. Christy knows they’re wrong.

Here’s what kids think of the Empty World Saga:

"I like Danny. He's very adventurous and has plans for almost any situation."
"I like Clacker. He has a scream that's like a superpower."

Books in the series

The Empty World Saga is a complete series with 5 books, and more than 28 hours of audio. Grab the full collection in ebook or audiobook (for just 1 audible credit),
or pick up the individual books in ebook, audiobook, paperback, or hardcover.

Portal Through the Pond

Beyond the Portal

At the Portal’s End

The Lost Portal

Portals in Peril

David K. Anderson

Growing up, David K. Anderson was mentored by his Uncle Ralph, a gifted artist who taught him to express himself in creative ways: writing, drawing, and sculpting.

David is married and has three adult children. Throughout his adult life, he has volunteered countless hours with children with disabilities involving creative activities. His lifelong passions for art, sculpting, and storytelling have helped him combine his talents to create enjoyment for hundreds of children of all abilities. His family’s mutual love for fantasy, fiction, and fun along with a desire to ensure that children of all abilities can be heroes, has motivated him to write stories that engage both the young and the young-at-heart.

Already have all 5 books and looking for more?

Grab Christy’s Risky Recipe, a holiday short story, in ebook or audio.

Join Christy and Trevor as they cook up adventure, a fair helping of trouble, and one Christmas miracle using new technology from the Empty World.

NOTE: The short story is part of the full collection ebook and audiobook. If you have the collection, you’ve already experienced everything the Empty World has to offer for now!