Word count: ~40,000 of ~50,000 [80% of draft 1]

Over 40,000 words and crankin’ ’em out furiously…

Now it’s really getting to be fun. The fog of uncertainty has lifted and I can see the finish line and it’s a pure joy to write each scene again after sometimes dreading some of the scenes I was unsure of where they would take me. This is the rush that writers talk about. ..the power to write a story to be just what you envisioned it to be(or close enough).

All my characters are being manipulated by their Puppet Master (that would be me) to their places on the chessboard for the greatest effect. I know I could draw parallels for my characters to every kind of chess piece if I had the time (Pawn-self explanatory, Knight-in shining armour, the hero perhaps, Castle-sturdy fortress, the strong determination of a character?-Ok, that’s enough for now, those were the easy ones, but it could work).

Anyway, I’m hoping to have all of my characters together for the finish (picture a murder mystery where everyone is sitting in the parlor of a Victorian Mansion and the clever detective makes the denouncement-THE BUTLER DID IT!-ah, no…this won’t be like that)

Back to writing,

David K. Anderson