Week 11: In which I definitely have concluded I won’t skip ahead writing scenes anymore and I threw in another twist to the tale that just seemed to happen without conscious intervention–Oh and I reveal the title

Word count: ~37,000 of ~50,000 [74% of draft 1]

I’m rolling along with over 37,000 words now, and I’ve revised my estimate of the final length to more like 50,000 words. I can almost see the end in sight-not quite-but almost. This week I added a new world that Doug Walker and Mike Lockhart stumble into by accident as they are running from some nasty Ancients. This world is turning out to be critical for a lot of back history including back history for The Empty World, and a critical part of where I’m taking the next four books in the series.

I really, really did not like skipping ahead. I gave it a shot but…never again. I’m too comfortable with methodically plodding along chapter by chapter, scene by scene.

I’ve also now brought people together (or they’ve exited stage left) so that I have reduced my POV’s to just Christy and Mike Lockhart.

Just in case I haven’t mentioned the title yet–I’m guessing I haven’t or I wouldn’t be still opening each of these weekly ‘chats’ with Book4–I’d be using the title…which is (drum roll, please) The Lost Portal.

I’ll end on that…till next week.

David K. Anderson

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