Word count: ~31,461 of ~58,000 [54% of draft 1]

I’m doing something I haven’t done before in writing any of my books so far. I’m skipping ahead and writing scenes for specific POV’s. I’ve been averaging three or four scenes per chapter split amongst  my POV characters. Since I have a clearer picture of where I need to go for one of the POV characters, I’m writing those scenes ahead in chapters before I complete the scenes of my other POV characters.

I can’t say I like it.  I think I enjoyed just going chapter to chapter, completing each scene in that chapter before going on. But I’ll give it a try and see if it was worth it when I finish.

I wrote that critical scene I told you about, that concerns Ginny, that will setup the next four books and the ‘shocker’ of a twist.

I’m not going to give any hints away on the twist…nope.

Talk to you next week,

David K. Anderson