Word count: ~26,123 of ~58,000 [45% of draft 1]

Wish I’d get more than a couple of thousand words a week but at least I am moving forward.

Let’s start with the big news-but since I’m not revealing anything specific about the book, I have to keep it cryptic as usual.

The major group of characters I have in one POV running through the story are going to lose one of their group. I think it’s for the betterment of the story as a whole.

Ok, I’ll get a bit specific. In the group of characters I’m referring to , Christy is the POV(means point of view-I don’t think I’ve explained POV yet and in case some of you don’t know what it means I thought I’d spell it out. So when I’m writing a scene from Christy’s POV, only things she sees, hears, feels, etc, can be told. So for instance, I can’t get into Danny’s head and tell what he’s thinking while in Christy’s POV unless Danny says something out loud. In her POV, we can only get Christy’s inner thoughts).

Sharp readers will now figure out that at least Danny and Christy are together in this story in her POV-Very true.

Back to the specifics of the ‘lost character’, I want the kids to solve things on their own and up till the point in the story I’m writing now, Christy’s POV has an adult with them…That adult is going to literally be whisked out of the story, leaving the kids on their own. Will we know what happens to that adult?

Ha, ha, (he laughs evilly), you’ll have to wait to know that. Just maybe I’m setting up for the next four books of the Empty World…only time will tell.

Keep reading-and I mean everything-there is no better pastime than reading.

David K. Anderson