Word count: ~24,210 of ~58,000 [42% of draft 1]

Rolling along , if a bit slowly.

I was all set to make a shocking (my term) revelation in the story this week but decided it was better left towards the end of the book. Forgive me for holding back but I think it will be a real enticement for the next group of stories of The Empty World.

But I’ve sprinkled a few hints in the section of the story I wrote this week and maybe some sharp readers will be able to guess my “Big Shocking Revelation”. Again, sorry for holding back but I think it makes for a better story if I hit everyone over the head with it at the end, not in these middle chapters that I’m working on.

I’ve put Cory in a real pickle in this section of the book and he’s met up with that new bad guy(so maybe he’s looking like a good guy to me only in comparison to the new ‘Evil Garlian’).

Ooh, ooh, I just now had an epiphany. I have to end this weeks’ update to jot my new thoughts down before I forget them. I’ll let you know about it next time (well, tease you with a hint or two about it anyway).

Bye for now,
David K. Anderson