Word count: ~22,235 of ~58,000 [38% of draft 1]

I’m at 22,235 words, so the week was passable, if not what I’d want for a total.

I already have a subtly malevolent new character-not human, not even alive-in Book 4. But I’ve introduced a bad guy this week. He’s a member of the Garlian race so he’s not human, Ancient, or a Cleaner. If you’ve read At the Portal’s End, you know that the mysterious people flitting through the underground city are known as Garlians and are a completely different race of beings. Believe me, this new character is a really bad guy.

Shocking admission…This baddy is going to have ties to a familiar villain in Portal Through the Pond (At least that’s my current thought. Things could change as they sometimes do when writing.)

Alright, it’s time I revealed something here. My larger goal-beyond hopefully creating a good story that people will enjoy, is to wrap the kids’ and adults’ stories up with this book-neat ribbon wrapped around the whole thing. It’s time.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon The Empty World, or even these characters. I’m actually going to expand my story themes. But everything that has transpired from Portal Through the Pond to this Book 4 I want resolved so I can explore other large , as yet only vaguely realized, plots. And I like Christy and the rest of the gang too much to leave them out of my future stories.

In a week, readers,
David K. Anderson