Word count: ~19,500 of ~58,000 [33% of draft 1]

Well, the word count is adding up this week. I’m rolling along at almost 20 thousand words, and I’m starting to get a feel for the total length of the story. And even though I’m following my scene breakdowns, each time I begin to explore a new scene, some starling things happen as one or more of the characters does something unexpected (really…ask any writer… characters are constantly pulling strange things on us writers-it’s GREAT). As I work through those carefully plotted scenes, they pull me on their own to places I didn’t foresee them going to, and I sometimes reach a point where I rein it in and meet some common ground with at least a semblance to ‘as plotted’.

For those of you who from Book 1, Portal Through the Pond, have disliked Cory…and may not have warmed up to him yet. I think you’ll come around when you read Book 4. He’s turning into quite the resourceful character with a touch of heroism to boot. Who doesn’t like a hero, right? And also, everyone can change and grow.

Teaser alert (well, further teaser OF a teaser)

Oh, and that ‘aha’ moment I promised to tell everyone about. It’s forming very nicely and even as I explore the consequences of what I’m thinking for that, it begins to suggest a title too (Finally…Yeah!).

Later, Amigos,
David K. Anderson