Week 2: In Which I Come to a POV Realization and Play A Guessing Game With The Reader

Word count: ~6,000 of ???

Again, I wrote approximately three thousand words spread out over only three actual days of writing. I could have been more diligent but at least I’ve continued to go forward.  Believe me, there were times when writing At the Portal’s End that I took a week or more off.  I’m determined to avoid that this time out.

Let me see, so what happened this week that deviated from my carefully plotted scenes?

I have a fair number of characters in play here in this story and as plotted, I had three distinct points of view with separate, although parallel, storylines–well, two storylines are really parallel, one is separate and for the most part, that one stayed the same so  far.

I realized as I got into chapter three that the two points of view that were going to run parallel were going to be unworkable, or at best, confusing. Since those characters were going to journey through the story separately but in the end physically wind up in the same place, for clarity and simplicity, I kept them all together, staying in Christy’s point of view (oops, I shouldn’t have let that name slip). I think it will make the story stronger not using that third point of view for long stretches of the story. Not that I have anything against Detective Lockhart (oops slipped again).

Can we play a guessing game?  Can you guess whose point of view (not Christy’s or Detective Lockhart’s) I’ve kept exactly as I have plotted the scenes just by my comments so far?

HINT:  If you’ve read Book3, At the Portal’s End, you might be able to guess what character is journeying through Book 4 alone early in the story.

Same time, same station.

David K. Anderson

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