Week 1: In Which I Explain My Plotting Process and Get Bent Out of Shape Over Lack of A Title

Word count: ~3,000 of ???

One week down. This was easy. I wrote a total of three thousand words (approximately), following my pre-plotted scene ideas almost exactly. But then again, this early, I thought I’d do just that.  I did go back into some of the paragraphs and change Trevor’s status in the story for dramatic effect of a scene.

How much to reveal in these posts–ah, there’s the rub.

I will have to straddle a fine line of telling what’s deviating from my plotted scenes without revealing  too much of the story, yet explaining enough to make it worthwhile and hopefully interesting enough for someone to care.

Or maybe I’ll shoot for building up suspense–Will he or won’t he reveal elements of his plot enough to give a taste of what’s in store for readers in Book 4?

Stay tuned.

David K. Anderson

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